Made with YOUR HAIR or Ours!

Special Order

Minimum length is 6-8 inches for a short wig.

Yes, we can use your hair even if it has been dyed, highlighted or permed.

Our wigmaker will use as much of your provided hair as possible.

We will supply any additional hair needed to match your color and texture to complete your wig.

NOTE: If you have a variety of hair from several donors, let us know how you want it used. Should one color be predominant and others used as highlights? Do you want lighter colors on top and darker colors underneath? (There is a $24 fee if you want us to dye the hair.)

Sliver Plan

The hair should be clean and dry.

Before cutting hair, secure it in ponytails (or braids).

As long as the hair all runs in the direction it grows, it will be good for wig-making.

It is best to make ponytails in several sections around the head to maximize the length.

Make sure they are tied tightly with hair-bands or rubber bands to keep it secure. At least 2 bands about 1-inch below the cut and another 2-inches lower.

Bronze Plan

Place ponytails (or braids) in a plastic bag or paper envelope.

Keep ponytails all in the same direction so they don't tangle.

Wrapping them in tissue paper can also prevent tangling.

Be sure to include a note with: Your name, Contact information and any special instructions.

Ship your hair and order information to our secure facility where there is always someone there to receive and sign for the package.

NOTE: We had one client that saved some braids from her youth and sent it along with ponytails cut as a mature woman to be used in a wig of her own, when she needed one. Hair is incredibly strong and durable when it's kept clean and dry and then stored properly.

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