Longer wigs cost more to make...

  • The first step in making a wig is a sorting process using a tool called a "Hackle". The hair is sorted into bundles of different lengths and quality. Every ponytail has some percentage of hair that is not usable for wigs.

  • Generally, it takes about 3 heads of hair to make one wig. This is why we need to charge for the wig lengths. We provide whatever additional hair is needed to complete your wig.


    NOTE: "BOB" means All One Length

  • Layered Wigs 4/10" = No Add'tl Cost

  • Layered Wigs 6/12" = No Add'tl Cost

  • Layered Wigs 8/14" = No Add'tl Cost

  • Layered Wigs 10/16" or 10" Bobs = No Add'tl Cost

  • Layered Wigs 12/18" or 12" Bobs = Add $100

  • Layered Wigs 14/20" or 14" Bobs = Add $200

  • Layered Wigs 16/22" or 16" Bobs = Add $300

  • Layered Wigs 18/24" or 18" Bobs = Add $450

  • Layered Wigs 20/26" or 20" Bobs = Add $600

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