Insurance Often Helps

Check Your Policy

Many health insurance plans cover part of the ‎cost of medical wigs.‎ How much depends on the individual policy.

Please provide us the following details:

Patient: Name, Address, Phone, DOB (Birth date)

Doctor: Name and a prescription for a “Medical Wig”.

Copies (front and back) of your Insurance Card

Insurance companies consider a wig as a ‎prosthetic device (the same as an artificial limb).‎

Every Insurance Plan (even Government Insurance) may vary from state to state and between contracts with employers. Find out about your specific policy.

Ask your insurance provider for the dollar amount* your policy pays towards a Medical Wig.

*NOTE: If your insurance provider says they will pay 100%... it may mean 100% of their allowed limit. You will be responsible to pay for any additional amount that insurance does not cover.

Ask your doctor's office for a prescription for a Medical Wig.‎

They can help find out if you are covered and for how much, ‎just like with any other procedure.‎

Know what to ask...

  • TIP: If they don't cover for cancer, ask if it is covered for Alopecia. The doctor may write it up as "Alopecia caused by chemo treatments".

  • The term "Alopecia" (without a type specified) refers to any hair loss. Many insurance plans will cover some of the cost of your Medical Wig.

  • HCPCS (The Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System):
    for a Medical Wig = D5924‎
    for Any Wigs = ‎A9282

  • NOTE: This is also a tax-deductible expense.

We are Providers
May We Help You?

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

  • PreferredOne of Minnesota

  • HealthPartners of Minnesota (limited coverage)

  • United Healthcare

  • Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP)

  • TriCare*

  • *NOTE: If your insurance requires you to use only a provider in their network, ask if they have any provider that will make a custom wig with the hair you provide. If not, then they may allow Caring and Comfort to become your "out-of-network provider".

  • When submitting insurance claims, be sure to send a copy of your Insurance Card (front & back).

  • NOTE: We do not contact your insurance company or submit any claims outside of Minnesota... but we ‎‎‎can provide a Medical Receipt* that you ‎‎‎may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

  • *Be sure to ‎ask us for a Medical Receipt if you need one.‎

Go Fund Me
FREE Fundraising Made Easy...

Raise Money for Medical Wigs and other expenses.

GoFundMe Fundraising Assistance Program has helped many people reach their goals, and our clients have been able to get the dream wig they needed.

GoFundMe is a free fundraising website, created for individuals wanting to raise funds for medical expenses, tuition assistance, adoption and other causes.‎

"NO FEES: We do not charge our fundraisers regardless of the amount of money they raise. Our site is supported by amazing donors from all over the world."

GoFundMe also functions as an online fundraising support system and community, with fundraiser ideas, how to start raising money. Learn more about fundraising, donating, or receiving donations.

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